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I was a former owner and operator of an indoor tanning salon and day spa for 8 yrs.  As the indoor tanning industry started to change in late 2007, clients were asking for UV free tanning. I researched many options and decided that custom airbrush tanning was my preferred choice. Today…….. I’m so glad I made that choice!


While waxing a client/friend/competitive bodybuilder in 2007, he asked me if I ever thought about spray tanning at a bodybuilding show. This definitely struck my interest. Through trial and error and the testing of many solutions, equipment and techniques, I found the perfect color, Liquid Sun Rayz!. Over the 2007 competition year,  I  trained with Marilyn Spatola, owner of LSR. I have had the opportunity to work the best shows in the industry, including; Team Universe, The Arnold Classic and The Olympia just to mention a few.


I can guarantee you, Show Tanning Professionals paired with Liquid Sun Rayz products will provide the best on stage color and service in the business!!!!


Heidi Zeiss

(LSR Certified Service Provider, NJ)

My Background

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